We put quality first not cost.

In 30 years we have never given quotes over the phone we prefer on site inspection for exact quotations i.e. no hidden costs.  No job too small.
You the customer are at the mercy of people you hire to carry out the works properly, unless you are prepared to hire a person to oversee the works at some cost.  
We are happy to work with your designs but equally happy to assist / help with your ideas.
Brooklands landscapes gives you the peace of mind that all works will be structurally sound by this we mean all hard landscaping is reinforced where necessary, ie footings, drives, patios, ponds if cast in concrete, to be structurally sound.

For decking we will construct any design you require, once again, Brooklands landscapes do not cut corners, we put the required amount of uprights, these are then set on concrete pads.  If posts are set to far apart, the decking will bounce.  All post work is bolted, no nails are used.  We use only high quality boards with very few knots.
Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction and the quality of our work.